Folk Duo Waltz Mini Concert Held

Nostalgic folk, pop, standards, and even the latest anime songs

Check out the amazing singing videos for the morning and afternoon sessions!

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Recruitment! !! Selected 100 Exquisite and Wells of Japan Kikuchi Gorge Memorable Performance

Let's make memories at the Kikuchi Gorge Visitor Center performance!

・Venue: Inside the visitor center (2nd floor)

・Performance available date and time: Consultation required. (Kikuchi Gorge Visitor Center is open from April 1st to November 30th)

・Time: Between 10:00 and 16:00

・Number of people who can perform: Up to 5 people per performance

・Performance time: Up to 3 hours per performance. (It can be divided into the morning part and the afternoon part)

・Performance content

①Contents that match the image of Kikuchi Gorge. (Performances using loud volumes are not possible)

Examples of past performances: nursery rhyme, fire country trip, good day departure, paprika, etc.

②Use of musical instruments and tools that the performer can bring on the day

・Venue usage fee: Free (free)

・The cost of traveling to Kikuchi Gorge and the parking fee will be borne by the performance group.

※Application / Inquiry: Anshin Co., Ltd. , Ltd. (Kikuchi Gorge Visitor Center Designated Manager)

Takeshi Sueyoshi 096-319-1605


※Or contact our center

Location: 5026 Haru, Kikuchi City, Kumamoto Prefecture Kikuchi Gorge Visitor Center

TEL. 0968-27-0005 Email from the inquiry on this homepage

Click here to download the application form PDF EXCEL


The valley side is covered with glass

Before and after exploring the valley Relax slowly Space to get I prepared it. Of course, you can also eat and drink.

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Information / experience corner

Information / experience corner

Kikuchi sightseeing PR video Tourist pamphlet We offer. It also provides information on seasonal events and the natural environment.

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1st floor piloti

From here until now Couldn't see You can look into the valley from an angle I can do it While listening to the sound of the flowing clear stream Negative ions Please feel

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Observation room

Nature observation room on the 1st floor

The valley side is a multi-purpose space with wide windows and a good view, which can be used for making crafts, meetings, training, and various seminars. Anyone can use it for free if the purpose is to get close to nature. When seminars are not held, it will be opened as a break room or a view room.

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Kikuchi famous confectionery Matsukaze

The very thin and crispy texture, elegant sweetness, and elegant appearance of "Matsukaze" have been praised as one of the best in the world, and its unique flavor is popular as a tea confectionery and as a gift. increase.

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Kikuchi City, Kumamoto Prefecture Kikuchi Valley Official Homepage

Kikuchi Valley is open from April 1st to the end of November. However, outside of this period, Iriya can enter and exit freely, but the staff will not be there. Please be careful not to have an accident while taking a walk.

Kikuchi Gorge Fantasy Night

A fantastic world created by illuminated autumn leaves and bamboo lanterns!!

Fantasy Night A fantastic world created by autumn leaves and bamboo lanterns

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Kikuchi Valley Pizza Grill Experience Session Held。

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Kikuchi Valley Pizza Grill Experience Event October 29th (Sat)

A piece of Kikuchi Valley in every season! ! Result announcement

Photo Contest Seasonal Kikuchi Valley!!

Thank you for many applications。  

Please enjoy the beautiful works of the valley!!  

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Let's draw memories of summer vacation playing with friends and family at "Kikuchi"!

Target: Elementary school students and younger *Limited to one item per person

Paper: Quarter/eight cut drawing paper or B3 drawing paper (36 cm x 51 cm) *vertically and horizontally free

Application method Attach the application form below the Kiritori line to the back of the work and bring it or mail it

Application deadline: 15:00 on Sunday, September 4, 2020 (recruitment period starts from July 24)  

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Original Soap Making Experience EventA trial session was held

How about making summer memories, free research and a change of pace? Why don't you make "original soap" with the refreshing clear stream of Kikuchi Gorge as background music? Adults are also welcome! (On the day, we will make “Kirakira Soap” and “Natural Herb Soap”)

Elementary school students and above (elementary school students must be accompanied by a guardian; attendance is free)

20 people in each time zone Work time is about 1 hour and 30 minutes

2,000 yen/person (includes material cost, 1 drink, entrance fee to the valley)

Advance applicant priority (deadline: 15:00 on August 23)  

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"Kumamoto Caricature Factory" Nigaoe event was held.

Thank you for your participation.

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Balloon art experience event was held!

Balloon art experience meeting Saturday, June 11, 4th year of Reiwa
Thank you for your participation.

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Watch the balloon art experience event video gallery

Pizza baking experience party pork soup service live concert


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Pizza baking experience party pork soup service live concert

Full-scale pizza baking experience party to bake in a stone oven

100 cups of pork soup free service

MOKA Mini concert


Summer vacation painting contest result announcement

Theme:Memories of summer vacation in "Furusato Kikuchi"

gallery gallery gallery

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Kikuchi Gorge Photo Contest Results Announcement

Theme:Photo taken in Kikuchi Gorge

gallery gallery gallery

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A mini concert was held♪♪♪🎹🎹🎹

Many people came to the museum. The situation was published in the Kumamoto newspaper.

Mayor Kikuchi came to the concert on the day

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Production portrait

Every Saturday and Sunday, we have a "Nigaoe Seisakusho" by Jero, a portrait.
How about a caricature that makes you smile.How about to commemorate your visit to Kikuchi Gorge?
(Paid service)


【Notice of extension of summer festival】

Due to the popularity of the "Summer Festival", it will be held on Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays during September. Please come to the Kikuchi Valley Visitor Center。


2020 Photo Contest

A photo contest was held. Thank you very much for your many applications.
The Kikuchi Gorge, which is the source of the Kikuchi River, is covered with thick natural hardwoods.
The fresh water that flows through the space creates waterfalls, pools, and waterfalls of various sizes.
The view of the varied mountain streams and the beautiful forests is spectacular.

2020 Contest Results Announcement

Balloon Festa

At the experience corner on the 2nd floor of the visitor center,
Balloon Festa was held.
Thank you for your participation.
It was a lot of fun to hold
Please see the state of Balloon Festa

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